Friday, November 2, 2018



Out of the darkness that seemed to engulf my world,
I walk,
looking back it seems so small
but I vividly recall its suffocating embrace.
I walk 
Through this land
thick with shadows,
these shadows of death.
"I will fear no evil"
I'm still afraid.
"You are with me"
You conquered my fear before
"Will you hold my hand again?" 
We walk
I still feel small,
Show me all the beauty again.
We walk,
You guided me into a golden field
We watch the sunset, 
the darkness surrounds us
chills up my arms,
I'm scared.
I fear.
"I'm here. 
See the stars with me, 
Feel the grass under your feet. 
I'll take you with me, 
I'm always with you. 
Leave your fear with me"

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