Thursday, October 4, 2018

An Understanding.

I've been listening to some Native American flute all morning, it sounds like home, the home I grew up with. Oh, how I have missing home, my forests, the rivers and creeks, and having a deep connection to a landscape. I can see them so vividly, if I close my eyes I am home. Having roots and a heritage in a land is, for me, so very grounding. 
Is this why when people travel to the land of their ancestors they often say they feel at home, I wonder if I will feel the same way when I travel to the many lands that my family comes from? Will I have many places that feel like home? As I have moved about so much in my adult life I have always felt a separation in places, I can make a place feel like home but there is a depth missing, that I am left to wonder if it comes from time spent in a place or ancestral roots.  
I think I understand a bit about how my great grandparents must have felt now having lived in a country that is not my own, where the language is uncomfortable in my mouth, and I am looked at as a "foreigner" though I won't always live here in this place, I know I will not be the same person when I do go back to my home land, my empathy towards immigrants will be far greater, we are kindred now.

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