Tuesday, October 16, 2018

A moment before the moment

The night before I take portraits I like to immerse myself in a song a season, as its autumn, calm piano, spiced tea, cozy sweaters. I want to be present, so I'll clear my head, spend some time alone and try to envision my photographic hopes for the next day. To get out of "mom mode" for a second and let my creative mind run free, I am so organized in my role as mum and home manager because I have to be but as an artist I'm a little all over the place.
 I am free.
When I have a camera, or wool, or my new laptop in my hands(OMG, I wasn't expecting that honey!!) I feel like the truest form of myself, the wild minded, beauty loving, distracted, happy mess that I am.

When I take portraits I try to think about the personality of the person I am photographing, who they are as a family or their personalities within that family core, if its a single person I like to hear about their hopes and dreams, the person they feel they are, as well as how I perceive them.  I feel like the more I know them the better I can capture who the really are.

I like that challenge, I like that my style doesn't rely too heavily on posing but more on spending time with people and trying to pause a bit of who they in that tiny moment.

You aren't who you will be even ten minuets from now, we as people are always changing and growing, I love being able to stop that for one second and just see them.

So here I am, clearing out my thoughts, drinking tea listening to music(trying to ignore my son STILL doing his homework, loudly.. does he get louder as the day goes on!?) as my husband tightens the bolts on the table beneath me, chuckle a little at my season right now, and ready my heart and mind for the beauty of tomorrow.

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