Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Well, when mum says to post pictures I listen... what can I say I'm an obedient child!

This weekend the urge to knit some small things with some of the skeins of yarn I had spun and dyed earlier that this year(or before) was a little overwhelming. Maybe it was the amount of baby bearing bellies I saw at Bible study earlier in the week?  I used to love to knit Adeline hats when she was little and didn't have so many opinions (I am not knitting you a silk or cotton hat, young lady).

Tiny hats practically flew off of my needles, such a satisfying thing to use the yarn you put so much effort into making, and they turned out SO beautifully, if I do say so myself!

These two were made with a Bluefaced Leicester/ Ramboillet fleece I processed myself (I purchased  the wool, raw, after they shear it. I  washed it and combed it myself before I even started spinning it) it was a wildcard that I dyed with my friends, in one of the most fun crafternoons ever!



This one is made from 100% Alpaca that I spun and dyed for a hat I made for my wool-allergic Mum.
It turned out so sweet, I was really sad for this hat to end(because I had no other knitting and I was waiting for an event the children were attending to end)


And this I am not sure about the breed, because this was one on the first things I ever spun!


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