Monday, October 30, 2017

Nooks and Nesting



jaime nook room






 I finally found myself at home, with no chores to do, just Ads and I while the boys were at Tung Soo Do class. We were playing in her room and I realized how her space just didn't reflect her interests lately. It wasn't really inviting, there was too much going on, and the comfort factor was WAY down.
 Well, being the moving queen and cozy nook maker that I am(we all have our gifts) I set to work. When explained to her even Adeline(my not so very enthusiastic tidier) was happy to help out. When we were none, she had a reading nook"library" and cozy bed and lots of space for indoor play/coloring. She loved it! finishing touch was I finally hung the lantern we got her over her bed and she set into playing, the way only a freshly cleaned and spruced up room can encourage. 
 When Jaime and Jake came back from their class, Addie proudly shows them what she and Mum have been up to. Obviously Jaime wants a cozy nook room too!!! His room is  little trickier because it so small, and he had chipmunk tenancies, but in the end we get it done and he loves it . Both of my little cubs are delighted with their nooks, and cozy spaces,  and while they played  set about adorning the house in candles and lamps, just getting ready. 
 I guess this was our preparation for the grey days of November. Winter is coming, and those Grey dark days outside beg for warmth, comfort, and light at home.

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