Saturday, April 29, 2017


(first thing in the morning)

 I had an open mind when this bright little grey eyed girl went to school. I feel like before school you may have an inkling about their personality but when you let them go solo into the world nearly everyday from September to June you learn things.
 For instance we were always under the assumption that Miss Addy (that's how she told us to spell it because the  "y" is more fun to write, so I'm making an effort to remember) was an extrovert. She hated being alone, would get into serious mischief when left to herself and cry when it was quiet time, always wanting to be with her pack (of introverts). She was home alone with me everyday, but was bubbly and outgoing(like her mum), she really loves people! She however was outnumbered and so we always had many days of at home time before school began, so there really is no way of figuring out what kind of "recharge time" I give her(a play date, or an audiobook and colouring in her room) so she had a 50/50 routine(that's all mum could handle) and things were going okay, no real meltdowns easy-peasy little girl (emotionally anyhow, remember, coloured walls, standing on windowsills, and opinionated dressing).
 The first year of school has a way of bringing to light all sorts of things, the most surprising to me was that my bubbly little ray of sunshine is in actuality like her mum a very outgoing introvert. Jake and I had our suspicions but they have been confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt. She is perfectly fine if when school ends she goes straight upstairs to our flat and to her room to play quietly alone, but I was being very nice lately and making play dates and saying yes to the park right off the bus, and BOY did we have melt downs, I mean weepies over EVERYTHING! After a  few more checks (just to confirm my hypothesis) I decided to break it to her that she was in fact like the rest of us and needed some alone time.
"You know how Jaime needs alone time or he is grumpy, it seems that you might need a bit more quiet time too. You are just a little different from Jaime and Daddy, they don't like to talk a lot to too many people, but your like Mumma. You really like people a lot, and are happy to talk to them, but too much makes your brain tired and you need a rest. So we are going to work on how to take quiet time and some good things we can do all on our own.(not colouring on my walls)"
In short this weekend I'll be giving Adeline introvert lessons(dies laughing!), bestowing upon her the glories of being alone and enjoying her own company... its so odd being a parent!
First thing this morning she set herself up, a blanket a snack and a book and sat quietly for an hour on the couch, we haven't had a meltdown weepy yet(miracle) even when I told her she had to pick up all the Pokemon cards spread all over her room.
Well, that's it I guess we are four for four!
Introverts unite! In spirit, because its the weekend, and we have peopled all week.

(The first little one I had to teach to take time alone to recharge, we knew a little earlier with him though.)

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