Thursday, May 12, 2016

A mothers Treatment.


Why are you treating them like everything is normal, when everything isn't. Why are you expecting them to be them selves when a key part of their world is undone. They are sad, their heart hurts, they miss that smiling guy who reads them stories and plays with them, the peaceful presence.
Treat them like their sick.  There isn't much difference, it takes most of the same medicine to make a body better and a heart better. Take it slow. Let go of this carrying on idea and take it by ear.
Give grace, not grace laced in lectures, gentle correction and grace. Put on Little Bear and cozy under the blankets. read them books. Do your work while they sleep.
 They need you.
 They need you to take a breath, whisper when you want to yell, let them listen to Bible stories as they drift to sleep, give them lots of tea, and when they can't handle any more, hold them, rock them, sing them their song.
'Till daddy is back and every thing is right again, Your babies don't feel good, even when they feel well.
(a letter to myself)

Oh these days, these days when they just need so much of me, I know that this season in my life isn't forever, I know that in time everything will be back to our strange brand of normal soon. I know that some people aren't as lucky as me to have such a big hole when their husband is away, I hear the "your so lucky"s a lot and I fully agree!  I don't take it for granted, you can be sure. This letter was a middle of the week epiphany, after Adeline BIT her brother, threw a crazy tantrum, and had a massive melt down all in one day.  Pan over to me in tears going "GOD WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO, I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO HANDLE THIS LEVEL OF CRAZY!?!?" In my heart like an immediate answer, "stop trying to have things go on as normal, they aren't" and things have been a lot smoother since I held those babies a little closer. Maybe the key is to love double, speak life, and give grace.

We are all still learning.

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