Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Musical Payback

It's pretty fun hangin out with these two, now that I have my own car I really enjoy taking them to the library and generally pottering around (no matter the weather or the day of the week)... that is as long as I put on music they know/like, or else Jaime sings the same part of the same song
(honey I'm good by Andy grammar

or a line or two  from a Toby Mac song louder than anything on the radio,

Adeline wants to hear lollipop by he chordettes...  on repeat

(her favourite)!

we will settle on either worship

(Cause mummy is frustrated and needs Jesus! This is one of Jaime and ad's Faves)

children's music

(you win :*( )

 or Kate rusby (cause we all know Awkward Annie )

They are growing up,  and I am 100% reaping what I sowed as a musically touchy teen!! Go on mum, have a good laugh... Payback is sweet

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