Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Beautiful Day 18-24

“The power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy and life lovely.”― Louisa May Alcott

sunday 18
mondya 19


a few sweaty moments to myself



I clearly didn't take this photo, but this is one of my favorite moments of all time. thanks Jake!

This week past was so D i f f i c u l t , there was one day I was so exhausted Jake has had a wonky schedule and it breaks emotional havolk on our family rhythm.. maybe if he weren't such an amazing Dad they wouldn't miss hm so much!? Jaime stayed home from school on one day, Adeline had put and entire roll of toilet roll in the toilet... twice in the one day bringing her weekly total to five times!(Honestly, both she and Jaim were overtired making rookie mistakes all week) I was so spent all I could do was  put them in bed early and turn on worship music and weep. Yeah what a week! Glad I survived and looking back it isn't so bad is it? I finished my Cowl (first object made for myself this year!)

Sorry i'm a bit late this week, but the days haven't gotten much easier, and my priorities aren't digital.


 If your also taking of the lovely parts of your days, (everyday or not) Leave me a message with the link, I would love to see what makes you smile too! (I'm here on Instagram)

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