Thursday, January 1, 2015




I don't like resolutions... it feels like someone is guilting me, not to mention my inner hipster that says, *"ugh, your still the same you, will you shut up about resolutions that you'll give up on the first time you accidentally eat sugar/dont have time to work out/ feel sick and don't do your hair/ really hate that depressing book and want to chuck it across the room, Can't yo shut up with all of your whiney YOLO posts!"*
 Hey, I'll be the first to admit there are a few things I love that I haven't been prioritizing, and when I think of the clean tidy full of possibilities year, well its as exciting as a new clean notebook. You know that new notebook feel, that feeling of infinite power to mold and meld a part of the world to reflect your mind, feelings,  and visions of beauty. The excruciating bliss of the first strike against the paper with your favorite pen, agonizing about the first word/stroke/ smudge.
  I've been thinking of the new pages of my year and how I want to fill them, they shall be  bulging with photos of the beauty that stops me in my track, scribbled with words of kindness,  scrawled reminders of peaceful thoughts. Quickly written sporadic wording telling of fearless discoveries, contentment in the beauty of present moment. There will be reminders of grace, there is always another page  just as valuable as the one I messed up,(perhaps while being over adventurous and  attempting more than I am capable of, or forgetting my gifts and comparing myself to others...we all have mess up moments, some of us more than others) I'll try to just keep going and do my best.
 Occasionally I'll tear out a page to jott love notes to tuck in my friends notebooks. I'll tell my children their artwork is beautiful when they scribble on my pages. Embrace the sweet, simple, love notes tucked in by a man of very few words.
This years notebook may look messy to others, they may only see scribbles, a dingy banged up book.. after all the best loved novels are the ones that are the most worn, not the pristine ones that have stayed in their covers trying to protect themselves.

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