Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Taking care


 I started my intentional weight loss journey a few days ago, I've been eating healthy for ages and I exercise daily but this last 30 wasn't coming off, I've been tired and grumpy and my blood sugar was continually crashing... So I re downloaded my little "lose it" app set a date and a goal and began. (Lose it is a calorie/exercise tracker/budgeter, it's a great resource and with busy mum life it helps a ton) what did I find out!? Why am I  Not loosing weight?! Well, could be that I'm not eating nearly enough calories for what I'm doing(no wonder I've been craving energy), I crash then I binge in mad hunger rage and eat until I feel sick, or worse take a nap and not address it at all. What a mess! Hello my name is Lindsey, I'm on a diet and I've never been fuller!

  It's amazing, I've written about some incredibly personal things but some how choosing to commit to loosing weight makes me feel more vulnerable than anything else. I don't want you to think, "wow she thinks she's fat", or "man horrible self image", or "she has given into the lie that we all need to be skinny". None of these things are true, I want to loose weight for health, to keep up better with my kids as they grow and surpass me in speed, and to feel as good as when I was at a much healthier weight. To be honest, I think I'm wonderful, I think I was made by the hands of the creator with love and purpose, I also know I've had two babies nursed and taken a lot out of my body, and I want to put some more effort back in doing the things I love and eating healthy food. 

On day two of this journey it's became very obvious how little I was caring for myself, I want to change that, to be a better me and a better example It would probably help too if I didn't become a grumpy ravenous wolf all over my family, just saying!

If you are on a similar journey and want someone cheering you on or praying for you, feel free to contact me , i may not email you back right away (life is busy) but i will be praying, for strength and perseverance and a happy heart. Lets not be too afraid of failure to make these goals for ourselves, beautiful people  just trying to get healthy, we should feel proud not ashamed! and if you have been there and succeeded, do you have words of advice, why worked for you?

This is scary new ground.

Camaraderie is a blessing

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  1. Dear Miss Joyous Mummy, you and your posts are a source of encouragement to me. I am glad to have been a part of the "Scott Circle family". Blessings on you and your family. ��