Friday, February 21, 2014

While she sleeps


 I know your hungry when you get grumpy, sleepy when you start to get into mischief and say no when you mean yes. You, my tiny girl take a lot of energy and understanding, you hate to be alone my Little Wolf, your grey eyes turn sage green with a blaze of chestnut in the middle when your upset and blue when your just waking and still very sleepy. Your happiest with paints and puddles, you think my walls are a canvas, you show me every drawing exclaiming that it's "peetie, mummy, see my peetie!" You kiss pictures of babies, wash dishes, and help me tidy up. You are kind, thoughtful, mostly mellow with a fire cracker center, you are just so delightfully you! I could go on about you all day my girl and not hit the surface of just how amazing you are. I feel so blessed to have been given children so special and different from each other. 
Adeline in your words 

" I love you, and I love you too!"

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