Thursday, February 6, 2014

Icing on the Cake

My laptop has bee chugging along lately, it is a 2008 laptop, it has served me well but I haven't been able to update it or edit photos, and really it was faster for me to upload pictures from my ipad, but I love using my camera so I trudged along. I stopped complaining, said a short quiet prayer ( no more than "God I would really like a new computer" and left it at that.

We can't do it this year. We want to pay off our debts and we can if we stick to our plan... In short no new computer, wait another year  and if the one I have breaks I can use jake's surface(and ask for help allot! Pc's confuse the heck out of me) we have more than what we need, it will be okay.


Yesterday Jake came home with an early birthday present for me, someone at his work was selling his iMac, much much better than my laptop totally updated and in really great condition, more than what I had even wanted!!! 

Happy happy birthday to me!!!

I get make cake... and can eat it too!

ps: if you haven't seen last week's portraits they are HERE

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