Saturday, February 15, 2014

Be Mine Valentine

This valentine was full of felt and hearts alike, nothing like a heart behind a curly ponytail!

(super easy, just hot glue felt hearts to clippys and Voila!)





 I ran out of construction paper, with the exception of brown purple and orange...uuhhmm not really "valentiney", so I talked it over with Bear and we thought CDs would be fun(and I have a lot of those on hand) with happy songs because a good friend really does make your heart sing! Lulu-Jane and I made the cd "mixtapes"(not the same as actually sitting by the radio for hours hoping to get your favorite song is it) and felt envelopes while he was at school. Bear decorated them when he got home (and wrote his classmates names on the discs).  He was very happy with the outcome, and no one was allergic to cds, though ill admit some parents may wanna kick my but for the compilation of kid style "love songs" such as You Smell Good and Under a Shady Tree!

I hope you had a lovely St. Valentines Day with lots of hearts everywhere!


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