Monday, December 30, 2013

Years end.
















  We made it to the christmas market, I think next year we will go during the day when its less busy and my wee ones can walk, even Jaime ended up in the stroller(tired, no doubt, from dodging adults who were not looking out for children *eye roll*) I think more than anything I enjoyed the walk there and home more than anything, and the small stop at the park to watch the ducks and geese, I'm going to start carrying a bag of bird seed in our stroller or something to feed them, adeline is most happy when she is close to talkative birds, who answer back to her adamant honking.

  Oh, and the sunrises on the rainy days have been simply stunning, bright reds burning in the sky, oh how I love seeing them, such delight! They have brought with them rain however, we do walk in the rain when we need to, but it does give a creaky feeling in the bones after a while, so we have been inside much of the week, we moved our bedroom from the master (with the lovely big bathroom and sunny walk way) to the smallest bedroom that tends to be dark in the winter, and the art room(where we have been spending most of our time) is now in the light flooded largest room is an art room, much more used and we get lots more sun light, always a plus. Our flat seems so much bigger too as we never spent time in our bedroom and now we really enjoy such a lovely space! Jaime has been consumed by his creative notions and draws and writes and color hours on end, creativity has been oozing from him.  Adeline is loving the company as she is usually my little artist while Jaime makes up different "games" to play at. as for me i have been knitting and spinning away while I devoured Jane Eyre for the second time ( nothing beats the book), and cups of tea and coffee. 
  My friends I have all but given up on keeping the house clean and I'm feeling sort of restless, I may have to dive into another project, in-fact (because my Poppa asked me to) I have decided to do the weekly portrait project, this year I think I may make it more difficult and try to get Jake and I into the mix,  and maybe a "weekly places."

The new year brings such a promise of a fresh start, the only thing I am really looking forward to as a certain is not moving for a whole year, but I don't feel like that is ever guaranteed.
I have hopes though...

I hope I can find balance and a peaceful way to pursue my day, this year anxiety and stress really took its toll on me, I have felt worn out for a long time, I long for respite.

I hope I can contribute, wherever I am, to be helpful and useful, to be able to love people actively.

I hope to learn the value of stillness, and actively practice that.

Enjoy the rest of your week my friends, and have a Happy New Year!

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