Saturday, November 23, 2013

Love and Mustaches

I have been seeing some great things lately, so I think I shall share the things that are making me smile along with some cute pictures of my three favorite people.










  • Adeline, her love of all animals,baby dolls, and chattering, chatting our ears off she is, hilarious.

  • Jaime, the sweetest smile after I told him he could go straight to playing at the park after school,(he did two days of homework in one day so we didn't have to go straight in).

  • Jake, is doing the dishes as I write this, darling man.

  • Playing This Playlist every night as a part of our strict bedtime routine (no more sleepless nights!)

  • The package I received from my parents with a surprise for me, a new menorah!!!!

  • I really want this book, the two that came before it have been in my list a while.

  • This tea has been keeping me feeling quite jolly.
  • Looking forwards to the eleven days of leave with my Jake.

Hope you have a lovely weekend full of thankfulness.

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