Monday, September 2, 2013

In their room

Miss Adeline now sleeps in her bed(she wasn't getting restful sleep with me and was waking tired and fighting going to sleep, it was awful) I started putting her yo sleep in her bed by rubbing her back in bed while Jaime goes to sleep too, no screaming or crying and both stay in their bed until early morning when Addie (like her brother when he was little) walks half asleep into my bed to get early morning cuddles. 
 Recently Addie and Jaime have been wanting to lay together, this isn't really safe as both of them move allot in their sleep and I fear someone getting hurt. Then Jaime asked if they could lay in their beds next to each other, how could I resist? They have been sleeping brilliantly, and what a sweet idea right befor my big boy will be going to school (mummy heart melts), I love how they love each other.

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