Thursday, May 16, 2013

The reader

Scene::We are in the commissary check out both kids have been pretty vocal the entire trip so at this point they have been tuned out until a small noise reawakens my senses...
Jaime: (chuckle)
Me : what is it bear?
Jaime: "I only have ice for you!"
Me: "what?"
Jaime: "that sign over there"(points a few yards away to the ice box) "it says I only have ice for you, get it?"
Me: (wide eyed, jaw dropped)
Jaime: (big smile)
Me: OH MY GOODNESS, you read that way I've there all by yourself!?! Your amazing!!! What a great reader!!!
He has been reading a while now but lately he has been reading everything he can get his hands on, it just kind of hit me hard... I have a very COOL little reader!

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