Sunday, May 26, 2013

Her first


My little Addie/Ada/Rosie/Lulu-Jane is one!  Can you believe it!? A day to celebrate a year  of our kissy,snuggly,loud singing,pretty shoe neclaceand dress loving, darling funny, vivacious, persistant, curly haired, grey eyed, beauty who was and is an answer to pryers and a perfect part of our family






 The day started pretty rough, I was a little blue with Jake not here(we celebrated before he leftlast wednesday), and it was magnified by a lack of sleep, I was in a total haze, but thank goodness for big brothers he saved the whole day and made sure his little sister ad a good birthday. I was deturmined there would be at least cake, though the pantry is bare, so we went to the grocery store, I asled jaime what cake he thought Addie would like best "strawberry are her favorite, lets get strawberry shortcake with other berries because fruit is her favorite." then his ideas started popping" OH and baloons Mummy, she wold like balloons and those blowy things!" It was all the "party" my little girl needed, they  played happily with the simple favors and she was delighted with the cakes(I bought carrot cake cupcakes, I wanted frosting), all day we had very interesting combinations of foods, all her favorites picked by her doting (and very observant) brother, juices, fruits, carrots(for chomping and teething) hummus, tea and HONEY(intentionally for the first time). He gave her a great day, she was delighted that everytime she ate some one sang to her(wanna be her best friend sing to her so she can dance, OR, new thing TWIRL!!!)or that we all did what she wanted to do the entire day, "books, babies, bubbles, dirt, no problem!"
Jaime and i made her neclaces, she LOVES them, on off.on, off

Oh, I adore you dear sweet girl, and I am so glad to be your Mumma!

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