Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Moments: Out of doors

Sorry i have been away so long, the time seems to have flown away, It was my birthday saturday(I'm 26 now) and then I proptly fell ill just in time for jake to go back to work... that is until today when he caught it himself and was sent home. ANYWAYS all that excitement aside, we have been spending allot of time out of doors around here as Addie Lu is beyond fully mobile and she and Jaim tear up the house  quicker than I can clean it... no joke!
Here are a couple of moments captured on my phone of a couple of their activities...

I (in my sickie voice) did give a shocked "dang" at the end... some folks are offended by this word(i have no clue why but, to each his own) so just a warning there

A little Addie song for your enjoyment!!

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