Tuesday, February 26, 2013

For the love of a Bear




I brought Jaime to the park on the way home from the commissary. He promptly started playing with a bigger boy wearing his hood over his head and sunglasses he told Jaime "everyone calls me PJ Money" I stifled a laugh, he was about 8 and was all alone so I let Jaime use his judgement on who to play with(he is usually a good judge and I thought, and more than likely so did Jaim, that the little boy looked lonely). The boy showed Jaime all the things he could do on the playground equipment, Jaime ooohh'd and Ahh'd and the little boy brightened up, I love my boy's encouraging spirit and kind heart. They started talking about moving, it's a fact of life for these kids, picking up and starting all over or having your friends leave and move far away is a very real part of these kids lives, it breaks my heart a little bit to hear these small voices talking about such big things. The boy told Jaime about his new friends and how nice they were, Jaime told the boy about his best friend Saiorse, how much he missed her, how they liked to play, Then he said very matter-of-factly "I'm going to marry Saiorse, because she is my best friend in the whole world." 
I smiled
I love my sweet Little Bear, he is growing so quickly.
I love to see who he is, how kind he is how he loves people. When he was little it felt like he was a bit of  extension of me, we were so close and connected, attached. Slowly detaching as he grew older,  my heart was holding on to every last bit of that baby... that baby no longer exists. He has become a lovely  little person with his own thoughts and ideas, questions and intuition, I love to sit down and chat with him he is interesting and bight. 

My Bear, this boy, makes me so proud to be able to be his Mummy. Not only do I LOVE you, I LIKE you too!


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  1. It's awesome to watch them turn into little people with their own personalities and agendas. Always showing glimpses of the person they will become. I couldn't help but laugh out loud at 'jp money', too cute.