Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Half a Year

Can you believe she is six months old!!!????
(as of the 18, sorry, a little late!!)

We couldn't imagine life without her!

this MAY be my favorite photo EVER!!



A few facts about our six month old

  • she's not a fan of the stroller
  • her favorite color is red(like daddy)
  • she will scoot across a room for a baby doll(we are looking at this, this, or one of these for her big christmas gift, I cant decide yet, she really likes cloth babies and sticks everything in her mouth, hence all natural being important)
  • she is generous with her open mouth kisses
  • she wakes up singing(like grammy) 
  • her brother is her favorite
  • she is a tea stealer
  • she loves attention(especially if you say how pretty she is)
  • we get stopped every time we go out by people telling us how pretty her eyes are
  • she is chill, unless you make her mad, then she WILL yell at you (like mummy)
  • she is bubbly, bouncy, and giggly(like grandma)
She is a sweet kind wonderful blessing and we are so glad she is a part of our family!!!

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