Sunday, November 18, 2012

A full week with few rests in between

I don't know why but the last few weeks have really taken it out of me!!


Trying to keep up with everyday life, appointments, emergency room runs(no more Jaime's flipping on the bed, after daddy said not to) , tidying, a little girl who moves about, gardening, baking, a bit more tidying,  it's EXHAUSTING!!! I did manage to get a few photos in there of our quieter moments and I am hoping this Thanksgiving week will be a bit calmer!

Right now: in the emergency room with the boy who didn't obey and was flipping on his bed after daddy said not to.... Busted his head open





 I am so THANKFUL to have a quiet week with my sweet family of four.

PS: Dont for get to check out this weeks portraits of the babies in the "52" tap at the top of the page  or you can just click here


  1. lovely blog, glad to have have found it! Best wishes to you and yours! xox

  2. how kind of you to say,thank you very much!