Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hello Autumn!

Oh autumn,  how I love you, even when your incognito! It takes some looking to find autumnal goodness around here, it  doesnt really change. Bear asked if we could decorate for autumn... with the move and the new person I forgot that we used to do that, thank goodness for my boy!! He is making sure his sister gets to experience one of our favorite seasons.IMG_8219


IMG_8221 Jaime loves how soft this flower is

our seaside autumn 



Making an autumn tree picture, with a proper trunk and blue leaves(apparently there is a painting in our favorites mexican restaurant where the tree has blue leaves so bear decided his autumn trees would have the addition on blue leaves too)



who is this big girl!??


I've really wanted to get some sewing done, its been pushed to the back of my list so many times and I never would have taken out my machine if it werent for the prompting from my sweetie. That darling man Let me sleep in this morning, did so many chores today, and then took both kids with his to run errands all so I could have a lovely and relaxing saturday! HE is such an amazing blessing!! 

Addie-lu has new jumpers! and a new pair of tights!!(this tutorial for the tights) I messed up a bit in the waist(i was thinking cloth nappies) but they still look super cute on, and I am sure now that I may really need a serger... christmas? (not holding my breath)

I got a rocker, I get to rock my little ones again! (I also get a great view of the sunsets)
Oh Autumn, your looking up!

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