Monday, September 24, 2012

Love story

I love a good love story! I just finished watching one of my faorites, Penelope, it has such a sweet ending, and is a PERFECT knitting movie.
There is an even better lovestory is one I know very well,

Once upon a time ...

A girl meets this guy at the mall(she thinks he is the most beautiful man she has ever seen, and according to his brother, it was love at first sight for him too, if you knew him as I do you would find this unexpected), your usual twists and turns happen, the sort that make life interesting, He eventually shows up at her church months later(they share a best friend, hi mike!). the guy is amazed to find that she still remembers his name(they have only seen each other once since the initial meeting) she doesn't know how she could forget it(he is the most handsome thing on to legs), they chat hang out a bit but she has recently gotten out of a nearly two year relationship(long distance) and did NOT want to start another anytime soon, her heart was focused on learning who she was, loving her God and learning to love who HE had made HER(until then she has been told by so many people who and what to like, what kind of music she should like, at she should appreciate and clothes she should wear, and dying to please them and be accepted, she lost who God had made HER to be... not okay) she was in no rush to be hurt or made to feel like she had to change again. He and our friend came by the girls house where the Guy told the girls mother  "I'm going to mary your daughter" the mother laughed, "who does this guy think he is!?" He befriended her, loved her quirks, never pushed his ideas on her, he was calm quiet understanding encouraging honest open and genuine, he didn't want her to fit a mold because he loved who God had made her... feisty, emotional, chatty, opinionated(she remembered how to have some of her own after awhile alone), silly, intense... eventually(not very long)  after alot of praying, he asked her to mary him... she said yes to her best friend in the whole world!
They started their life as one on September 18, 2004, in july of 2008 they welcomed their son Jason, Called Jaime, and in 2012 a little girl, Adeline, Dubbed Lulu...and so far, through changed lack of date nights poopy  diapers, baby blues, picnics, soccer games, coffee cups, laundry loads, morning breath , apple pies and LOTS OF TEA (and for  so many more years) they have and will live
happily ever after!

(we really need a recent picture of us, the most recent is two years ago!!)