Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Four years

High four!!
Your clever
You have an amazing imagination
A faith that amazes me
A love for a God that is all your own
You are the Best big brother!

Your totally into Superheroes but not the "angry ones" only Happy faces for my boy!
You can make a game out of anything, or nothing at all!
You love a good book, and I secretly love the fact that you sneak staying up late reading books under your blanket with your night light
You are one of the coolest kids I know
You never stop amazing me

Jason Ynyr Nuri


My Little Bear

You have made these four years the most fun, unpredictable, colourful, Joyfilled, blissful years of my life.

Four years ago you made the world a much better place!


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  1. Happy birthday to your lovely boy! He looks and sounds like the happiest little thing! :) xx