Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Confessions of a Milky Blob:

Up at four thirty, smoothie made the night before, Mum heads back to the gym! It s been a long time coming and I know the first days of a new schedule is the hardest(I was dosing all day) but it made the difference, rather than feeling blue (or grey, and lot the lovely shades the drab ones) all day, I've felt really great, filled a bit. Tired, but filled.

  As mothers sometime it feels like we have to do it all,  play with the kids all day, spend time with the hubby, AND have a spotless house!!! The reality: A frazzled frumpy mummy who feels like a blob,  smells like spoiled breast milk and spit up, and weeps when its time to leave the house because there is LITERALLY NOTHING TO WEAR(oh she has clothes in the closet, but maternity is falling off  and muffin top is unacceptable), the kids hubby and house may look great but the mummy is in pieces.

(I couldn't be talking about MYSELF...could I!?)

Motherhood is demanding
Marriage even when you have the perfect husband like i do (not joking, my man is amazing!!) takes maintaining and time together

The kids appreaciate you you they shower you with hugs, cuddles, and as in my case with Bear, words of love congradulation and appreaciation, "You're the best Mummy, I love you! You are my darling, love!"

The husband appreciates you, shows he loves you, even goes out of his natural comfort to VERBALIZE his appreciation and admiration for who you are and what you do, "the house looks great, honey!" "those things you made for the kids are AWESOME!"(with looks of relief he has a wife who makes things instead of spending spending spending) "you are so beautiful, I love you" (even though you have been showered with spit-up from dusk till dawn) He EVEN takes both kids so you can take a long shower, or really cook dinner(i love to be able to really cook) or HE will cook dinner, or vacuums, make sure Mummy's clothes get washed before they run out, or fill in the gap of what needs to be done so Mummy can sit down and have a cuppa tea.




Well now, thats pretty big, how can you do your job of making a happy home, where you feel God has called you to be, YOUR CALLING, if you aren't taking care of yourself... how can you build them up if your crumbling down?

As a mum and a wife, I am very selfish with my time, I tried going when Jake came home from work, it felt like I was missing everything, I need my family time, so thats a no!
 I love waking up early, I feel like I get more done and I am awake and rearing to go when Bear and Lou-lou wake up, so I'm not trying to wake when the morning rush happens...I'll go in the morning!!!
It actually works for the better! Jake wakes at 4:30 so he can have his alone time(videogames, uninterrupted), I wake with him and head to the gym, best part we both get allot of sleep because I'm not keeping him up so late, we now go to sleep at the same time!

Though I was dosing all day, it was a really good day!

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