Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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Late for bed...

Waiting on pizza, post nursing cuddles and story reading

Oh you know just parkin' and nursin'


  I wonder how it will be once no one is sick. I realized once the company left we have been battling this virus and it has passed one person at a time starting of coarse while the previous owner is on the mend, Addie seems to be the last(i never Got it). All of this being at home has been just what we needed, seeing where we need to work on as far as our new family rhythm.
  Transitioning Jaime is always a party(insert eye roll here), HE LOVES his sister(thats why she's sick) but that doesn't mean that he has had the easiest time adjusting to her, or having to share us, mainly me as when Jake is home its business as usual, PLAYTIME! We really only have any problems during the day when its just me, he is used to having me as he wants me then going off on his own but NOW between Addie-Lu and my spastic postpartum Nesting(because I was too big to nest before) Mummy seems to be busy allot.
  Luckily for me I have a little boy who knows how to verbalize his needs "Mummy, I need your attention"though there are times his behavior IS s clue, and Luckily for him we are a lot alike, our Love Language is time spent, thats what we need to feel loved,  I stop what I am doing and my attention is given, if what he wants isn't doable at that moment i try to redirect him, like wanting to build a tent while I'm nursing..."why dont we read a book about someone who made a tent instead!??"We read allot of books!! And Games, we play ALLOT OF GAMES!!!
  Because of these things our transition has been relatively smooth sailing, and though it isn't good that we  have been sick, it is good that we have been able to have two weeks to allow our family to adjust peacefully.

Can you believe she has been here a whole month!?


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  1. She has such a beautiful and inquisitive expression in her eyes. I hope everyone gets well and stays well asap. Postpartum is hard enough without illness. I hope Jaime finds his new normal soon. It's hard adding a new baby, but as you already know it's so very worth it!