Friday, May 4, 2012

What a week

Over the last few days we...

Bought a car(our first, we have been blessed twice before and the last two cars we have owned were given to us)

We absolutely love it, and is super good on gas!

Had my books carried by my little hero

Spent some alone time with the most handsome kind, lovely man ever

Fell in love with a salad

Felt oh so blessed to have a little sister who is so amazing with my son that I didn't worry about him once while I was at the hospital or car shopping, she has become such an amazing young woman, she'll be such a great mum one day( no rush)

Felt so blessed to have lovely and supportive friends (if you don't know Justiniano and Apple-Py families I mean you!) that I can always count on they are my heart family and I am amazingly blessed and proud to have them!

Made two slings

 Fifteen burp cloths
One dress to take my little Adeline home in!
Started working on a little yellow sweater to go over the take home dress, and a matching one for Addie's cousin Sophia who is just a few months older!Yellow

Getting excited that my little lady will be here soon!!

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  1. Oh, that itty bitty baby dress is just too sweet for words. Can't wait to see pics of your little miss in it!