Wednesday, May 23, 2012



Since 3:30 am
I  have...
 Nursed twice
 Pumped once
 Wiped down a sweet baby(tops and tails) changed her nappy and her jammies
 Rejoiced a bit at the fact that I have a baby in cloth nappies again(there really is nothing cuter then a a bum in cloth!)
 Put in a load of cloth nappies(are you sure we started on cloth only yesterday!?)
 Chatted with my little lady who rewarded me with a medley of facial expressions
 Watched that little girl wear herself out and fall back to sleep
 Decided I should head back to bed too while she is sleeping
 Had to devour a bowl of cereal before the hunger pains took me


AH, the joys of the early days of mothering, its been awhile!

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