Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Well Bless my Soul!

♥ I had a lovely easter, calm rather untraditional, but still full of meaning, (jaime) "Grampa we can go to God because Jesus didn't stay dead!" .... yeah he gets it!

♥ A little girl is growing growing growing, I can feel that she'll be here soon, my body is just starting the preparations, staying at a slow pace, I think she may be on time or a bit late, but that suits me fine!

♥ My big boy has be AMAZINGLY wonderful and helpful recently, very undemanding, and super easygoing... we have been giving little rewards but i think a BIG one is in order soon because this hasn't been a one day thing, my Bear is growing up and becoming such a lovely boy!

♥ My Jake will be awake in the day for the rest of the week!!! (the calm before the storm I'm afraid, a heavy work schedule will mean he pretty much only be available on weekends, thankfully my sister is coming to help me, So we will enjoy him while we have him!)

♥ One of Jakes Co workers made Jake and I YUMMY Arabic food, just because she is sweet... So TAISTY

♥ I Got a new KETTLE!!! I wasn't going to buy it because I do have an electric one and I didn't need it, this one goes on the stove (better for green and white tea because I can control the water temp better), I was telling my mum about it and how cute it was and so She and Poppa gave me the money to go and buy it even though I didn't NEEED it just because they love me, I get a big grin every time I look at it!

♥ I finished the purple longies! they are big but will fit this winter when she needs thim and they are the same size range as the purple sweater i made her awhile ago, Loving this outfit!! I think i may have time to make her a smaller version in green with no feet for late summer (it doesn't get very hot where we are moving in CA, thankfully we've lived there before so I know how to plan clothing-wise) 

♥ Lovely days...

What are some of your blessings?

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