Thursday, April 19, 2012

A bit of sunshine on a rainy day

Well the week started(hello Military craziness.. no it hasn't been too long, you have terrible timing as usual!) Jake has insanely long hours and a crazy commute, It's Kind of like "see you this weekend Honey!", I really hope to not have to make the call "uh, Honey could you meet me at the hospital?"

My little boy has it worst of all, you see he is a Daddy's boy all the way, and all he sees is mummy during the week normally daddy is on nights or works just down the street so Jaime sees him at 3 and has his undivided attention till 7 when daddy puts him to bed, Mummy is great but Daddy is his best friend! Transitioning to our new schedule my boy melting down at the drop of a hat from very little Daddy time and I'm crossing off the days on the calender until the weekend.... nearly there!!

Last night he came out of his room after i put him to sleep because he felt he needed to apologize for how he had been acting the last two days (word for word) "Mummy, I'm sorry for screaming at Saiorse and not listening and not cleaning up my toys" (he  is so tenderhearted and genuinely couldn't sleep till he apologized, so proud of him)I told himIi forgave him and I'm sure Sairose did too and that tomorrow is a new day and he could choose to have a better day, then without a fuss or fight he went straight to bed and fell asleep.

Day three today, it was just Jaime and I and he had the best day, he didn't get in trouble, he helped me clean the whole house (i say helped and i mean 50/50) he let me nap, played creatively, made great choices (even when mummy wasn't looking), we made corn bread(I measured he did everything else), he was sweet and lovely and back to my boy!! It was such a lovely day...


Here's to hoping for a repeat tomorrow!

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  1. Change is so hard for kiddos...especially for sensitive little boys. I love his sweet apology though. Hope he gets into the swing of things soon.