Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our Spring ♥

    I am absolutely IN LOVE with spring this year, all the green, sudden showers, little bloomy things, take a huge part in making my heart BURST WITH HAPPINESS! However with miss Adeline doing her last stretch of growing we have been spending a bit more time inside than a normal spring, I have been completing projects at an alarmingly springy super productive rate, which is why all of these photos were taken with my cell phone, BUSY BEE! Don't you worry I'm still using my camera and someday soon will remember to pop it in my purse for an outing! But for this post my Instagram feed lately seemed to embody the loveliness that has been my Spring so far ♥ !



Jaime made us a toast and jam breakfast all by himself!


Someone cut his hair! 
(I cut it at his suggestion, its very functional...sniff... he looks like  a big boy though)

I am still finishing up a few larger projects
(the two grey sweaters)
the bear actually wears a larger size(6months) so these are a bit big, not to mention he is cross dressing..."mummy what have you done to Pooh, he's a BOY!"
leg warmers...will make more!
I made a bonnet!
 The pattern was improvised and it should fit her nicely in the winter, in California we'll need hats(soo windy), and lots of them!

Bring on some more spring April, we're ready for ya!!!!

(I'll be buying some green felt for a future project, because my son is robin hood! LOL
I love his creativity!
Yes, I am an enabler!!!)
 Our Robin Hood, he lives in our house now, doing good and such...

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  1. Beautiful! I love Spring. It's really got me motivated this year...the baby on the way is probably helping with that as well. ;)