Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Making things

Making its what im always doing and something I can do when I am urged by the nature of  baby growing to sit and be still. I'm finding I do allot of it, more than i can keep up with really. Mostly for the little Addie-Loo-Rosie-Jane, with bits and bobs that I already have(why buy more!?) I'm taking it as a challenge to not go all buying mad and use what we already have. We don't really NEED to buy her anything because my family seems to have had allot of girls and we are being blessed with some lovely hand-me-downs, so I'm free to make what I want! I'm finding we have some lovely materials to use that I haven't had a chance to use, I had piles a girlie fabric I had been given or bought for myself that I had never used, I'm much better at making for my loves than for myself!

Jaime made shirt pants 0_0

A new pattern started (Maile) 

A few sweet little dresses (baby tunic)

a smaller sunshiney yellow one

My big boy only wanted some socks, i tried anything else... he also picked the yarn. (just an easy tube sock)

I really wanted to sew Adeline a blanket.. ive been waiting AGES to use this fabric my Auntie Sandi sent me!!

perfect size for a car seat

So... have you been making? 

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