Thursday, March 1, 2012


We may be at home but that means more making! ( I have no problems making, I think my creativity is making up for the lack of movement) nesting is in full swing!!!
My body however is telling me to take it slow, I'm trying... I don't remember it being this hard. I'm trying to enjoy every bit of time I have with the little girl growing in my belly, she will never be  here again, before I know it she will be running around after her big brother, making friends, exploring her world... She will grow up. 
I want to cherish this time with here growing in my belly, I love her so much already, how she jumps and wiggles when she hears he brother first thing in the morning, or how she moves close to the edge of my belly to press up against her daddy when he is close, how she likes the quiet and stillness. She's already such a huge part of our family, our Adeline, already reminding mummy to slow down, and just like your big brother, helping me see all the beauty, joy, and wonder God has given us in our lives... I just have to take it in. 

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  1. Sometimes the slowing down of pregnancy is hard and inconvenient, but when I give in I find it very comforting. I've given in early this go round. :)
    Also, Levi saw a pair of similar (or maybe the same) rain boots at Target. He really wanted them. I'm thinking of going back and grabbing a pair this weekend.