Friday, February 24, 2012


Our child's education, or the route we choose to take with him, has never been set in stone. Maybe because mine was never set in stone, I went to private, public, and ultimately home schooled until I finished my high-school curriculum at 15, my siblings did not have the exact same educational journey, as we are all very different children with different needs. When my parents encouraged me in getting some life experience, I chose childcare. I nannied for quite some time between different families, it was a great experience for me and I feel like I got an upper hand in what I wanted to do in life and I learned so much, mostly I learned that all children are different and should be raised as individuals, never  should we assume what is good for one child is good for the others.

 Jaime is turning four this summer, the age most people put their child in preschool, with this upcoming "stage" I have been really spending time thinking and praying about what or how we should educate our child, I had simply planned on putting him into a regular public preschool, he wanted to go, he was showing interest, AND he really craved the social interaction.
 What I was not planning on was having another baby, just before the school started, or how those two HUGE changes so close together would be responded to. Jaime and I have always been a twosome and recently as we get more close to the transition of another family member joining our tightly knit group Jaime has become more attached, still very social but always wanting to be with one parent, needing that security, needing the reassurance. Though jaime is excited for the arrival for his sister to come he still needs allot of reassurance and the peaceful rhythm of home.
 Another HUGE factor is how spiritually sensitive he has become, how my little boy would craves a relationship with God or how he is desperate to learn more about him, my little guy has a hunger in him to know about his heavenly father, not only that but tell others about how Jesus loves them! Do i want him to be somewhere that this wont be nurtured, or WORSE squelched!? You never know how a teacher will respond to a child telling them  about how they preyed for something and God blessed them, or how God made is such a beautiful day today... you may have great accepting and encouraging teachers, or you may have intolerant blunt teachers who shut down what a child is proudly telling them, this can't be guaranteed... am I willing to take that risk!?

I discussed this with my Jake, as always he listened to my concerns, whilst giving his thoughts input and wise counsel, I always think clearer when talking things out with him. We revisited the idea of putting Jaime in a private christian school, spiritual encouragement(check), small classroom sizes(check), the financial obligation(uhhmm,we weren't counting on it and really don't have tons of money with a new baby on here way, we aren't poor, we have all we need, but tuition will need some corner cutting and saving!), will he be ready just a couple of months after his sister is born(probably not, he isn't the best with transitioning), What would be our best route!??
 Preschool isn't necessary, but our boy craves learning. I thought about it, I know I can teach him preschool, really Jaime is learning all of these things already and is ahead of the curve, he is trying to learn phonics and sound small words out, learning to recognize numbers, shapes, animals, and things in nature, he is learning these things just not in the scheduled school like format... we are always teaching him!
 We decided to save our money for tuition this year for his upcoming kindergarden year and homeschool him for preschool, this will give him the "school" structure he craves  get him ready for the demands(sitting in one place for more than five minuets and doing what he is asked to do on the first try... focus building!!)of kindergarden while allowing him the safe home environment and transition time he needs with the arrival of his sister!

So as I am me, there is no time like the present! We are starting EXTRA light... we begin in the afternoon(same time, I put an alarm on my phone) with some worksheets, then story-time, educational game, some sort of project(I allow him to choose), then daddy wakes up(or if he is working on days, comes home) and they do some sort of trip "hands on learning" if you will (library, post office, forest, jaime is suggesting the firehouse... no clue how that will work)... after that those two go on their happy play merry little way, Jaime learns SO MUCH just playing with Jake, I'm amazed when he tells me about what they are creating or discussing over breakfast. Honestly we are trying to get him in the habit of learning while parenting OUR child, I do not feel comfortable with giving jaime a formal education, but I can make sure he is ready to learn when the time comes for him to go to school.

I most definitely can make sure I do what is right by the child that God gave me!

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