Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Birthday/Valentines Day

Oh it was lovely! My sweetie was home, I was spoiled rotten, AND my Sister and her hubby took Jaime for a whole afternoon so Jake and I EVEN had some alone time!!! Oh it was perfection!

My Valentines Day Flowers(LOL I have a gamer hubby!)

Jaime singing to Adeline and some on my new favorite maternity cloths (thanks Mom and Dad!)


Look he is awake and its light outside!

Love those little leggies

a british TV series (I've wanted for ages, Thanks Mummy and Poppa!!) about a couple who quits the working world and becomes totally self sufficient in Suburban England, its hilarious!
 On valentines day Jake rented a mini van and brought me to Ikea! (This is an act of love, he hates how long I can shop in there, I assured him that it wouldn't be too long as I'm a bit over six months pregnant and don't have that kind of energy, also unlike last time we went, we have a three year old now who can only handle so much, AND I have a list!)

Jaime and Adeline's room (This is a huge work in progress we still need art work blankets, though Adeline will be with us untill she moves herself out of our room we wanted Jaime to get used to sharing a space)

Jaime, Jake, and I really love that we can read bedtime stories in bed with Jaim now instead of the floor next to him

Our new bed(I LOVE it!!) we are starting our room over from scratch, though we had a lovely set before it just wasn't us, so we found it a home and decided to start our room over and make it totally personal, I am ECSTATIC! It is my dream bed, I've wanted one just like it since I was a little girl!

Jaime's Favorite things, two little nightlites from ikea, we bought one for him and the other for Adeline, he wanted the blue one so Adaline got the pink by default, he has named them Little Sister and Big Brother....LOVE!

Amazing LOONG weekend!


  1. Such a sweet post and happy birthday to you! It looks like your family took good care of you this year ;) Enjoy the kindle and new camera!!!

  2. Sounds and looks like an incredible way to spend your birthday! Glad it was a happy one!