Sunday, February 5, 2012

A view of weeks end/ The days of late

Kinda random...

In passing... i'm getting pretty big there!

went thrift shopping, i totally looted

we dont know if the baby is a girl, but i wasnt risking not getting this for a dollor... SO CUTE

at Jaime's proposal we squeesed in some making time, he picked the colors for his, pretty cute huh!?

If you didn't already know, I have a basket love! they aren't just for show, all are full to the brim with yarn, embroidery supplies finished baby projects i have no where to put... i love my wall of baskets, *sigh*LOVE
Jake surprised me with a new basket!!!(the one in the front!) its now my cary around the house/universe with my  current-project-camera-kindle-sometimes snack and a drink-basket I take it from room to room with me rather than having to try to roll out of whatever chair I'm in and waddle around trying to find things, AWESOME!

As our weeks don't really have a proper weekend (hello jakes job!) this is around our days towards the second half of our week, i realized with my days split in two I havent been able to blog as much as i like... its kind of bumming me out. During the day I try to stay off the computer and only use my phone to take pictures because there is a huge difference in behavior after he has electronics, HUGE, and the second half of my day (while jake is awake) consists of chores, while Jake plays with Jaime, making dinner and and then squeezing in time with my sweetie, pretty full days, I'm exhausted!

In other news, Tomorrow we find out if I am making a Little Lady or a Wee Lad!!
We cant wait!!
See you tomorrow folks!

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