Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I am blessed

Today I did chores with my three year old, I realized how big and clever he is, I am blessed.

Today watched Creativity blossom, I am blessed.

Today I sat quietly and listened to music, I am blessed.

Today I took photos of moments in my life, calm, sweet and ordinary moments of home, I am blessed.

Today while my son sat and immersed himself in reading of his own, I read a bit of a book, I am blessed.

Today I sat and knit a sweater for a wiggly baby who is quickly growing in my belly, I am blessed.

Today I changed a recipe in my cookbook to make it more healthy, I had everything I needed, I am blessed.

Today my husband kissed my lips, for no reason other than he loves me, I am blessed.

Today I watched as my Husband and Son went out to spend time alone with each other, because they have a special and wonderful bond that has been natural but also nurtured by a man of God who is raising his son to Love the Lord by an example of love, I am blessed!

Today I lifted my voice in worship to my God,  and later in the saw my Little one singing praises to his Savior on his own in his room, I am blessed!

Today, was a new day, And I AM BLESSED!

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