Saturday, January 28, 2012

For the little one

 There has been allot of making in the recent days for my little one. We still don't know if  baby is a he or she... so I am going gender neutral a while longer and sticking to making Blankets, washcloths, sleep sacks, hats and socks...clothes will come when we know if I can make dresses or need to find a new pants pattern(its a summer baby, not many clothes are necessary). I have still bought NOTHING for this child!

 I have however officially started stressing out about getting prepared for this baby, despite my minimalist attitude, I tried making a registry today(this is a finished one!). I realized even starting from scratch the difference between this baby and Jaime is huge, as a parent I realize now what we really use with our babies(this has nothing to do really with how our kids are, certain things we just don't use) and when I got stressed about how I'm going to afford starting all over I tried to remember that people were parenting for ages with a diapers, a  carrier, and breasts, and I have all those things!
  Sometimes hormonal nesting stress just doesn't listen to reason! 
I know it will all work out in the end, but MAN these hormones are going a bit mad over here, especially as I know how fast this pregnancy is going and how little I have prepared.

I did prepare... a little!

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