Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A view of weeks end

It's another odd sort of weekend, a longer weekend of sorts, Jake is working nights so it doesn't feel like a weekend. I am now coming down with Jaime's cold so I have a feeling the next few days will be me and a cup of tea with a hot water bottle in tow.
The weekend started with a trip to the ER after two nights of waking with ear pain(hello first ear infection) he is feeling WORLDS better!

 Knit knit knit!
In full making for baby mode(especially as I cant do tons and tons of moving without out enjoying major aches and pains later)
Jaime took my yarn while i was making a ball "helping" 

As soon as Bear started feeling better... I got sick...

22week bump laying on the couch


A sweet surprise!
Jake's aunt, Aunt Dorri, Sent me a pair of the sweetest slippers!! She makes them herself and they are SOO comfy! If you are dying to get a pair for yourself (or a little girl) you can buy some for yourself HERE on her Etsy site( if this baby is a girl I'll be getting her some ASAP) I feel so loved!

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