Monday, January 16, 2012

A View of weeks end: At Home

 The sniffles and a small cough have come to our home, poor little bear, he is feeling better after a nap and cuddle from his daddy, but it was a slow sort of morning and we will keep that peaceful pace today. Thankfully I'm feeling much better today than I have been the last half of the week so I can properly take care of my boy, chicken soup with rice for dinner anyone!? I hate to say this but despite feeling horrid its been a pretty lovely weekend, and we still have another day of Jake being home from work, I plan on enjoying every last moment!!

So far we have had table bowling... LOL!

 Lots of yummy food!

Baking(Jake and Jaime)

 New little corners for little fellows

 Orginized drawers(knitting and desk variaty)
 Plants Growing

 A finished project
 Starting a few new projects
 Silly faces
 Puzzles together(believe it or not its a blast to do a nice jigsaw with my sweetie at the end of the day!)

 lots of reading
 and some baby growing!!
A Great weekend here at home despite the Germies trying to ruin our fun!


  1. Hope those germs take a hike soon! The blanket is beautiful!

  2. I do hope you all feel better soon. The yuckies are never fun!

    What a beautiful blanket! I need to learn to knit and crochet!

    Puzzles are a lot of fun!!

    Olyvia has the same Charlie and Lola book!! She loves it!

  3. Thank you both!! It seems like a good start to the making season!

    Eden the best thing I did to learn were the videos on line my hubby really liked and I'm always here to help you with any trouble if you want to pop on over, I wanted to start a knit/crochet morning eventually, when no ones sick!

  4. Lindsey, I drooled over your drawer of knitting supplies! I am slowly learning new stitches, and right now I'm making an afghan. From a corner to corner pattern.

  5. Lol auntie katy! That's what happens when there are two knitters in a house, all the straits and stitch holders were gifted to us by my mums friend miss bunny, she said thats what people give old ladies,I can't use any long ones because they are hard to use with my short arms so those are all jakes, I have the rounds that he hates! Our knitting tastes are as different as our personalities it seems!

  6. Auntie Katy are you on, I would love to see what your making!