Friday, December 9, 2011


photos of the last few days, good days, wonderful, ordinary days!

  Its been a slow week, jaime has been awesome, jake is more than helpful and yet I am stressing mostly because  I HAVE NOTHING DONE!!! 
--Christmas will be here in 16 days! (I haven't made a thing!)
--The baby will be here in less than five months, and I have nothing done for either and the most annoying thing about it is Jake has everything in perspective (focus on the Christmas stuff then when thats over we'll get in baby mode.. sounds so easy) while I am simply a scatterbrained, preggo-headed, completely jumbled mess... I start having the nesting urge EARLY, but this is nuts!  I am laughing at myself  at the moment but, OH ANOTHER PERSON! in less than 5 MONTHS... and there is a soccer season for two in there, this is going to be the fastest 5 months EVER... and I have nothing done!
Will the next 16 days make much of a difference, not really... would someone please tell my hormones that!


  1. Time is going too fast in my corner, too... and I'm not even pregnant! Just wait until those sweet little ones are teenagers! I hope that you have a wonderful holiday season.

  2. I can only guess(and honestly as a former youthleader cant wait) i remember how busy i kept my mum when i was a teen! oh my! but i loved hanging out with her, those were some of my best memories!