Thursday, December 1, 2011

On the First day of Advent my Parents gave to me... a Hershey kiss, 'Cause they had fifty!!

         Thats right Everybody is counting down the days till' JESUS BIRTHDAY!!! 
(yes i know it isn't the actual birthday, but this is when we celebrate it, geesh!
 No theological debates  please..)
I finished my advent calender just in time..

  Jake did have to sneak the little treat in this morning but jaime was super delighted by this way of anticipating and celebrating the coming of "Jesus Birthday!" We are really trying to get him away from the commercial aspects of Christmas, he is three now, its really easy to get wound up in all of the santa and present stuff every where, he was so excited to find out that Christmas is a celebration of Jesus' birth and why we give presents, have a birthday Cake, and a special dinner, its Jesus' birthday party!! I've had to break down allot for him lately, this year he gets it, this year he's noticing everything everywhere, and I really want him to know why Christmas is REALLY a big deal!

   In other news we have been keeping pretty busy, a little too busy if you ask me!

 Out of Doors
Jaime made a little island with his "acorn guys"

then he asked to take a picture of it

and another

until we wound up  looking for Lovely things to photograph

but it is the end of the year after all and most things have gone to sleep.

Sewing some scrap felt together to make Garland, I only did a small amount for over the table , but then Jaime came the room and exclaimed how lovely it was and that I "should make more, and more, and more!"... I decided to cover the whole room, its an art room!

Loving and getting LOTS OF USE out of my awesome mug my mom in law got me 

jaime made

they are so silly

I'm a bit worn out honestly, but I think thats just coming from the worn out hormones and the fact that Jaime woke me up at 6 this sleepy.

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