Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A week of loveliness!

we painted peg dolls 
when we were finished...

someone had too much fun!

finished his christmas present

Just because a man knits doesnt mean he's less of a man... still so messy and unorganized and gruff, he simply can make beautiful things.

jaim has a new love of playing with my bowls

this isnt the best habit...

Reading a map in his pirate ship

multi tasking, Wolfie got a first taste of music today, and seemed to really love it getting so close to the headphones(just like jaime did!)

A whole week since I last posted, Wow!! This could have something to do with  a Birthday(my sweetie turned 27), a long weekend with jake off work, the lack of electronics in the day(new house rule, Jaime and I do better with less)and earlish nights... Oh pregnancy! Anywhoo!

 I started feeling winter blues, Georgia doesn't get a lovely white coat of snow,only a horrid coat of brown  drab bleehhh. I removed all of the grey in the living room and put out the floral, and today my little love brought me some flowers from his walk in the woods with his dad, that REALLY brightened my day!

Early nesting has begun and it feels great to be able to do so much again, not to mention cook dinner without feeling faint.


  1. I am totally out of the loop! You have two blogs and your pregnant too?!!! Wow! Congrats- and love this blog as well.

  2. LOL, i guess you missed that post!
    as for the other blog it was a whim, I just recently started it for those random photo moments that dont really fit on this blog... only one post as i got more pregnant and tired soon after starting it...