Sunday, December 4, 2011

A View of Weeks End...

And a few long needed blog changes, see my updated side bar! AND I have a few new little musical treats Here... very productive! Oh, see what happens when your boy goes right to sleep!

This weekend...
I read this a billion times
Mum is preggo,   french breadd  with spinach artichoke dip is a PERFECTLY good thing to have for breakfast!!

the ornaments haven't actually stay on the tree
Pizza night has been re instated, as long as i dont have to make the dough!

Mommy wasn't allowed to help(according to jaime, i'm fine with it!)
I made him this hat in an afternoon, he kept telling me the point wasn't long enough, so I continued on and then he wanted a pom pom, hey it's his hat... I think it came out mighty cute!
Best part of the day