Saturday, November 5, 2011

I've been keeping a little secret...

Before I go on vacation there is a little thing I wanted to share with you.... Now when I say little...

 In september I started a fast, my church has a churchwide fast every september for the month(different people fast diffrent things), we pray  and learn so much in that time, I love doing it every year! This year I was praying about what to fast, all that kept popping into my head was ...VEGAN, WHAT I LOVE Cheese, and I'm already a vegetarian! Well it is a fast, and this has to be the hardest one yet, so i started this vegan Fast and i have to say it was hard but not as bad as I thought it was, but then it just didnt feel like it was something that was going to end in a month, so I prayed and I felt led to just keep going with it until without a time limit.... God, a vegan for more than a month!?? It just felt like he was saying  "I'll lead you in this, don't worry about an end, just Honor me day by day."
The month goes by so quickly, I'm really starting to love some aspects of eating vegan, I feel very creative, no eating out, save a burrito (so yummy), I've even remembered to take my vitamins! Then I thought... when was my last period, its nearly october, I havent had one since mid august... I feel like I have it, but NOTHING... so I take a test, instead of avoiding it as much as possible as I usually do, I was going to make an appointment to get my wisdom teeth out, Jake actually remembered to get me one, Tatiana kept texting me to pee on it, I didnt need a pee! Well, I did when we got home and guess what!?!?!

Needless to say I KNEW WHEN FAST HAD ENDED!!
I will definitely maintain allot of the vegan info I have retained, I just tend to prefer a more well balanced diet when I'm pregnant, and I've never had a moral stand against eating meat, it just doesn't usually agree with me usually.  When I was  pregnant  with Bear I had a stomach of steel, however this one has bee a different story, maybe because I'm awake this time, I did allot of sleeping with Bear! Sadly Bear doesn't take naps so with this little one I've been "awake" the whole time.
3 days after we found out
Jake said he knew for weeks because my boobs looked full! LOL, nice of him to tell me, I had no clue besides some "cramps" aka growing pains!
I was wondering why my tum was looking poochier after loosing 5 lbs?

Well these days I look much poochier, rounder... pregnant.

"Baby Wolfie", as he or she is known at the moment, will be here in the early summer, I still can hardly believe it! My body has changed much faster this time around, quicker than comfortable, but thats what happens when your two feet tall!


  1. Soooooo excited and happy for you guys and this new addition to your lovely family!^_^

  2. Yaaaay!!!!!! I knew it!! You kept posting baby stuff on pinterest, and then you were under the weather. I've been waiting for you to say something! So exciting!!!!!! Congratulations! The baby bump is lovely!
    With Sophia I wasn't as sick, but I was way more tired and had lots of weird 'symptoms' that I never had with Levi.
    Oh, and I can't maintain a vegetarian diet while pregnant either. I don't know how people do it. I'm glad it's just a health thing for me and not a moral issue. When are you due? You might have said that in your post, but my brain has not been up to par lately.

  3. Late may early june, we are super excited but i think Jaim is the most excited of all!

  4. yay!!! Congratulations! I'm excited for you so I know you three have to be excited. I would love to add to our family, just not quite yet.

  5. Linnie!! We did it at the same time again?!! We're due with our third!! Should be late june sometime. Still early days for us...but im just so excited- you look really beautiful on these pics! much love xxxx

  6. Congratulations, and best wishes for a healthy mom and baby :)