Thursday, November 3, 2011

Home, for now, and the knitting that consumes...

They sang "fruit salad" as they made fruit salad LOL, i have goofy guys!

he has been trying to sound out words lately, sniff, my baby!

playing super hero!

 Lots of quiet play book reading, family tea, and Christmas movies, yeah you heard me, Jaime and I couldn't wait any longer!!

   Next week we take off to my sweetie's home state Maryland, my brother in law is getting married!!!! we are so excited for them, its gonna be great to spend so much time with jake's side of the family,  and I'm so excited to be going back for a whole week of vacation with Jason!!! Jake has a bit of a list of things he wants to do, most of which bring us to DC... so many great things to do there as a family, when Jake and I first got married we had so much fun bashing around town, thinking about how great certain things would be to bring our kids to(we brought our niece and nephews to them then, thank you Katelyn, William, and Brian for putting up with our field trips, we had so much fun loving on you guys!!) I cant wait to expose Jaime to all the great things about DC!

So thats what is happening soon!

  As of NOW I am in a mad knitting rush! Jake got be a lovely dress to wear to Matt and Franny's wedding (good thing too because I wasn't finding anything) the only problem is its sleeveless, normally I would say"SHAWL! HELLOOOOO!?" but as I will be with Jaime at the event I'll still have to be mum, have you tried keeping up with a three yearold and keep on a shawl at the same time, nearly impossible!  Considering all the possibilities, I decided to make this short sweater, giving myself a week to get 'er done... 

0_0; <-- scared face!
   I have gotten pretty far in the last three days, and I know I'll get it done before the eleventh (I do have 8 hours of uninterrupted knitting driving up there!), it will be okay, keep calm and keep knitting. I will have to make another of these though, I think they will prove very useful this cold season!

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  1. It's going to be lovely!! I'm sure you'll get it done in time. Can't wait to see photos of the finished product!