Wednesday, October 12, 2011

View of Rainy days

I do not have many words to give, its pretty quiet here with the exception to Bear who is trying to make up for the calm with loudness... oh my boy! Mostly, exhausted, trying to keep the boy busy as possible indoors(and a bit out of doors), today is a pajama day...  hopefully we can had a day outdoors tomorrow, I've got cabin fever!

We took the couches out of the living room today, Jaime spread things all around to make it feel more full, our couches come Thursday between 10 and 2!!!!
until then...
Jake said i looked depressed in there, so i needed to come sit in the study with him LOL!


  1. It's been the same here. Though I think we were under the same rainy front, I'm kind of in the middle of South Carolina.

  2. yeah we are in Augusta, North Augusta is in SC so I'm pretty sure we are getting the same rain, i'm definitely fighting the gloomies!