Saturday, October 29, 2011

The work of his little hands

Mummy: Jaim, would you like to do some sewing?
Jaime: (looks astounded and giddy) YES! CAN I PICK THE FABRIC... I like this one!
Mummy: Of coarse you can pick the fabric, and thats a very nice one! Do you want to make bean bag?

And we begin!

 I only really helped reach the peddle he did all the sewing on his own, after a quick safety lesson, pretty much all him. I have had him help me with sewing before guiding his little hands as he made aprons for his cousins or a blanket for a cold baby doll, but there was no guiding today this big boy was ready to take the reins and did a great job!

When he was all finished the look of pride was beyond anything I could have imagined, he literally squealed with glee and proudly showed his daddy what he had made... it was awesome!

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  1. Such a great idea! I'm afraid that I am terribly stingy with my sewing machine. I should let Levi have a go at it. I bet he'd love it.